Here's a little about me and how I ended up being a photographer and content curator....growing up, my grandparents were avid documentarians and keen on recording the happenings in and around their lives. My Dad had a darkroom, for a time, and my Mom was the person who took pictures at parties and sent them to you. Her images representing that moment, that emotion, that gift within the person. So when photography class became available as an elective in high school, I wanted to try my it, myself. She gave me her Nikon, and off I went. What I didnt realize was the overwhleming feeling of wonderment and complete magic I was to feel, when my photograph gradually appeared in a 9x12 tray, in a near pitch black room. Once I learned that I could dodge and burn, it was as if I had liquid paper for light and dark. So for the next two years, I rolled my own film, developed and made black and white prints and went on to being Head of Photography for our yearbook, my senior year.  

Graduating with a Bachelors in Communications from Appalachian State University, I moved to Charlottesville to intern for Albemarle Magazine until taking a job in the men's apparel industry in New York. Living in Connecticut and commuting to "the city" was all new to me, but over the next few years I stayed in wholesale sales, developing territories and products, until enrolling full time at New York School of Interior Design. Then the perfect job came available in Charlotte, North Carolina,  so I picked up and became the Major Accounts Manager for a wholesale English home accessories company. After which, I sold software management solutions to Fortune 500 companies and then moved back to my hometown of Middleburg to sell real estate. When told I needed to have someone photograph my listings, I decided to do it myself. DSLR's (digital cameras) had just come out, so I began making my own brochures and photographing other agents listings, too. I took classes in digital photography at Washington School of Photography for a semester, and had begun photographing everything I could from family portraits to foxhunting to mountain landscapes. I've     

(this is a work in progress!  4/10/20 )